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Financing for Cannabis Entrepreneurs

Due to restrictive banking and lending currently prevailing in the cannabis industry, not only start-up and early-stage companies but even those established for several years find access to growth capital and financing restricted to selling equity to obtain the funding they require to take advantage of critical and timely opportunities. Many deals require repayment of principal and interest with the lender/investor still holding substantial valuable chunks of the company even after the original financing has been paid in full.

Orion Group NYC is pioneering a wide range of financing options for both licensed and ancillary entrepreneurs to dramatically reduce or even eliminate the need to give up large equity chunks in order to obtain adequate capital.

We can provide private money on cost-effective terms for working capital, investment in new facilities, equipment and fixtures,

dispensary, retail, commercial and industrial real estate, cultivation land, inventory, and trade credit.

Cannabis Industry Dedicated Insurance Services

Access to US Business, Commercial, Trust and Private Banking for:

Cannabis Licensees 

Ancillary and CBD Vendors & Services 

Hedge and Private Equity Funds

Working Capital Loans

Commercial Real Estate Financing

Vendor and End-User Capital Equipment Leasing

SBA-Lending Programs

Accounts Receivable Financing

Retail and Wholesale Inventory Financing

Domestic and International Trade Finance