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State Advocacy

State and regional industry and community advocacy and targeted campaigns

Strategic and tactical planning

These are heady times for the legal cannabis industry, as the creative energies of entrepreneurs, investors, and vendors  feverishly intertwine to realize the full medical, industrial, wellness and recreational potential of this miraculous plant.

But ‘lightning in a bottle’  and talent alone are not enough to achieve and sustain success. At least 75% of the infrastructure required to build this community is fundamental to any new industry. 

In the exhilaration of new and creative opportunity, sufficient attention and resources are too often not devoted to either the ‘nuts & bolts’ of enterprise or to the challenges of transitioning from black or gray market operations to the regulation, compliance, reporting and transparency this industry requires for success in the long run.

As a result, the most initially promising enterprises may never reach fruition, leaving the founders to experience the bitter disappointment of seeing their ideas and initiatives gain traction by inferior copycats who have paid closer attention to these essential fundamentals.


At ORION GROUP NYC, we will empower your creativity and complete your enterprise with the vital components to take your rightful place among the winners of tomorrow. 
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Payment Solutions

The industry's first and only legal, transparent and compliant merchant credit/debit card processing for state- licensed operators as well as ancillary, delivery and CBD merchants.

Direct vendor payment system for licensees via merchant credit/debit card processing revenue split

​Free mobile app for delivery services


Retail and online merchandising

​Retail store layout and design

Retail and corporate advertising and marketing


Accounting & data management

Planning Accounting Control Transparency (P.A.C.T.) implementation

Express preparation of management financial statements and financial projections

Preparation of business plans and private placement memorandums (PPMs)

Innovative IRS Section 280E solutions

advisory for entrepreneurs

Federal, State and Local government and regulatory affairs and licensure

'C'-level management advisory from start-up incubation/acceleration to market liquidity

One-off and long-term strategic planning, innovative problem-solving, effective solutions for entrepreneurs

​Branding, public relations and rapid response marketing

Investment opportunities

​High-yield syndicated finance and investment opportunities in the legal cannabis industry

Critical professional and peer-to-peer review and analysis of start-up and early-stage deal flow for private lenders and investors in the legal cannabis industry

Private equity placements and/or royalty investments in growth companies

Anecdotal Perspectives on Banking and Institutional Prejudice Towards the Legal Cannabis Industry

Real Estate brokerage

National commercial real estate brokerage, specializing in cannabis-friendly properties

NYC residential and commercial real estate brokerage

 Consultants to the Legal Marijuana Industry


Financing and Strategic Planning

Licensed Real Estate Broker 

Finance & Banking

Working capital loans, commercial real estate finance, vendor and end-user capital equipment leasing, SBA lending programs, and accounts receivable financing

Access to US business, commercial and private banking for licensees, ancillary & CBD vendors, and hedge & private equity funds.

​Cannabis industry dedicated insurance services