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Hands-On Investment Strategy

On-going critical peer-to-peer review and analysis of start-up and early stage deal flow for private investors and lenders interested in the legal cannabis industry

Ongoing critical peer-to-peer review and analysis of high-yield financing opportunities in the legal cannabis industry

In collaboration with high-profile NYC industry organizers, Orion Group NYC is launching in 4/Q 2016 one or more accredited private investor discussion groups that will share deal flow, investment and financing opportunities, inspiration and experience. Individuals may deploy capital and/or resources, together or separately as they see fit.

Groups will each have a qualified focus, e.g., large, medium or smaller investment size, and/or interest in one or more specific industry segments.

Participation is by invitation only, and limited to a maximum of 18 members per group.


One of the cannabis industry's most effective high-profile consulting and advisory firms is launching their long-awaited private equity fund for accredited investors in 4/Q 2016 having first demonstrated their ability to deploy the advisory resources required to assure their investment clients' success:

  • Federal, State and Local government, regulatory affairs and licensing
  • 'C'-level management from startup/incubation/acceleration to market liquidity
  • Capital formation and corporate organization
  • Branding, public relations and rapid response market strategies
  • Development and implementation of physical and operational security protocols
  • Access to industry resources and high-level contacts
  • Access to services and deliverables from Orion Group NYC

Their investment strategy is quite simple:

  • Help formulate the regulatory environment
  • Identify the winners
  • Support the winners

 Accredited investors and their advisors are welcome to contact us for more information.


Orion Group NYC offers investors a complete bundle of invaluable tools and resources to optimize the success of the start-up and early-stage companies you take a position in. You can now supplement the resources you deploy in-house by outsourcing what's missing to Orion Group NYC.

Since nearly all young companies lack some to many of the 'nuts & bolts' fundamentals required for success, you can enhance your portfolio's medium and long term prospects by partnering with Orion Group NYC.

In collaboration with you and your portfolio company's management, we'll implement a comprehensive plan to cost-effectively achieve the milestones of their business plan. Alternatively, you may choose to utilize one or more standalone services to enhance their results.

Our referral agent commission program may also be incorporated into your ROI and/or royalty terms with the portfolio company, providing you ongoing income without impacting the young company's cash flow.


On a scale of the birth and growth of the computer and internet industries, the next new explosive growth industry is

recession-proof legal cannabis. Now approved for medical use in nearly two dozen states and wellness/recreational use in four

plus DC, it is projected reach $25B in direct and ancillary revenue within three years and many times that within ten years. 

There are early-stage entrepreneurial and investment opportunities not only in cultivation and distribution of flower and plant-derivative medicinal, wellness and recreational products, but in the ancillary fields of finance, equipment, distribution, non-plant merchandise, tourism, marketing, licensing, testing, regulation, banking, campaigning, leasing, public relations, legal, accounting, security, data collection and reporting, regulatory affairs, consulting, edibles, education, journalism, asset management, industrial hemp, insurance and more.


Over the past two years, the founder of Orion Group NYC and his colleagues involved in the cannabis industry have been interested in establishing one or more private equity funds to invest in qualified early stage winners. However, we have discovered that close to none of new enterprises possessed sufficient essential components for success. As a result, it was imperative to first create one or more such venues to provide these components either a la carte or as part of a 'wraparound' on-going advisory service prior to deploying capital.

Orion Group NYC was launched to fulfill this mission.

Private investors in the New York area recognize and are keen to capitalize on this once-in-a-generation opportunity, but are understandably apprehensive regarding the medium and long term prospects of the innumerable young enterprises launching every week, in no small measure compounded by uncertainty regarding the industry's legal status.

Investing in currently listed industry securities is a game for day traders only, since the overwhelming majority of these will be gone in the next couple years.

Trusting in the advice of traditional consultants and advisors who by definition have very limited experience in this sector offers little confidence.